We received very professional, flexible and transparent service.  It all started with a question in which canton shall we settle in? Your very helpful consulting provided details which we didn’t find in the Internet ourselves. Based on your recommendations we picked the area and you managed to find a wonderful apartment and great school for our two daughters.

The moving company forgot to clear the car but it wasn’t a problem for you to help us with this on extremely short notice. 

Just before the move to Switzerland we enjoyed three weeks of holiday while you set up infrastructure and fine-tuned the relocation process.  You went the extra mile in every aspect.

Maurice with family (Private relocation from Germany)


Very friendly, solution orientated and dedicated. I spent two busy days searching for a suitable property supported by EasyRelocation. Days were well structured and included refreshments.  Despite of lots of information I never felt overdosed with iformation.

Isabel (Corporate relocation from France)


Very helpful and dedicated. Adriana didn’t mind to receive all my ideas about the possible places to view and discuss them. I filled up Adriana´s mail box with internet links from the properties which were gone long ago but she was patient and explained me how the real estate market works. She included all my wishes while searching for a property. We went to see a property I would never consider because there were no photos and the building was undergoing total reconstruction. I picked exactly one apartment in that building.

Laurian (Corporate relocation from France)


Everything perfectly timed. Handover turned out to be more challenging than expected due to the fact that apartment wasn’t cleaned according to Swiss standard. Adriana communicated with the management company and made sure that the place was handed over immaculate.

Yvonne (Corporate relocation from Germany)


Thank you Malene & Adriana for your dedication and help with the apartment search. Many thanks for help with furnishing and setting up the apartment.

Nikolay (Corporate relocation from the UK)


It was a very helpful and efficient house search. One year later we decided, with a help of EasyRelocation, to invest into our own property in Canton of Zug.  Several pages of the purchase agreement available only in German turned out to be the biggest challenge for us. After having all pages translated and explained we realised that it was a great decision to ask for your support.

Elena & Greg (Private relocation from the UK)


We felt unsecured about relocating from Sydney, Australia to the rather small town we had never heard before.  Malene managed to take a pressure from us. Professional consulting on volatile real estate market played a major role while searching for a property. We would like to say a big “thank you” for all the support. 

Richard, (Corporate relocation form Australia)


*** More details can be provided upon request***

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