Adriana Reinmann

Founder and owner of EasyRelocation

My expatriate life began in England in 1995. Only two years later,  after returning back to Slovakia in 1997, I was relocated  to the Canton of Lucerne to the Headquarter of the French chemical fibre producer Nexis Fibres AG, former Viscosuisse AG. Another mile stone in my expatriate life came in January 2006 when our family was relocated to Czech Republic due to my husband’s assignment there. In July 2007 we moved back to Canton of Zug. In the same year I started to work for a national relocation company as a consultant.

All these years of working in multicultural volatile environments and new ideas how to make transferees life easy while relocating to the new country created solid base for setting up EasyRelocation.
I am pleased to share the experience I and my family acquired.

Fluent in German (including Swiss German), English, Slovak or Czech language with good reading knowledge in French and Russian.

Since 2006 I am a holder of MBA (Faculty of Business School and Faculty of Technology).


Ivo Studer, Business Partner, Senior HR Consultant

After having completed my studies at the University of St. Gallen I started my professional career in Human Resources Management with Landis & Gyr in Zug. Five years later I joined Fisher-Rosemount, a US-based company in Process Automation, where I assumed responsibility for the HR Management in Central & Eastern Europe..

This responsibility for HR Management in ten countries of the former COMECON brought the first exposure to the international environment.

 It was an exciting time as this was the period right after political as well as economic transformation in Central Europe.  

My next career step brought me to the French-based company Rhodia Industrial Yarns AG, former Viscosuisse AG, where I was – as a board member – responsible for HR Management and internal communications for the group. This comprised production facilities in five countries, 3 again in Eastern Europe, with a total staff of roughly 1800 employees.

As I like to do new and different things I decided to give my career a new direction and I was given the opportunity to build up and manage a Non-Profit Organisation in the industrial sector, the Technologie Forum Zug. During that time, I have acquired experience in new disciplines such as general management, event-organisation, building networks or public relations. I hold additional degrees in mediation and in adult education and I have a solid network in the Zug area. I would be very delighted to share my professional as well as my life experience and to support you in your people-related issues. I am fluent in German, English and French.


Malene Perry, Senior Relocation Consultant

I moved to Switzerland in 2006 with my husband. Before that I worked as a supervisor for a US based airline in their International Reservation Center in London, UK. In 2002 I moved with my husband to Cyprus with his work and in 2003 our son was born. In 2006 we decided to move to Switzerland. Although born in Denmark I grew up in Switzerland and also spent a lot of time in the US, meaning I grew up trilingual: Danish, German (including Swiss German) and English. I am very happy that I can bring along my own experiences of moving to different countries.
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