Real Estate Reference Rate = 1,50%

The reference interest rate for mortgages in Q1 / 2020 is 1.5 % and thus remains at the same level as in Q4/ 2019. As the reference interest rate has not changed since the end of 2017, no new entitlement to a reduction or increase has arisen. However, if your individual rent has not yet been adjusted to reflect the current reference interest rate of 1.5 per cent, you can demand a reduction

The reference (or benchmark) interest rate offers a point of reference for the calculation of rents.

If, in the meantime, you have not yet received a reduction on your monthly rent, or were put on hold by the land lord or management company, then we highly recommend that you apply for a reduction as there is no increase of reference rate in sight.

Remember, the request for a rent reduction based on the real estate reference rate has to come from you as the tenant by sending a recommended letter to your landlord.

What to do if the landlord refuses?

The landlord must respond within 30 days. He can deny the request based on, for example, inflation or higher operating expenses. Double check if this is happing in your case.

Not all tenants benefit from a lower reference interest rate.

Rental contracts with indexed or government subsidised rent (often with housing cooperatives) are not bound to the reference interest rate. In this case, those with such a contract are not entitled to a rent reduction.

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